Forgotten Realms - Rites of Ascension

Facing the Shadows of Dustwallow

The heroes take the fight to Kadvar the Betrayer!

After surviving the waves of undead…

With the aid of the first few beams of sunlight piercing the dense fog, the group decided to follow the Lich Kadvar the Betrayer back to his base of operations in the town of Dustwallow. Before they left the Gilded Farthing the surviving villagers thanked them for their aid.

Jhereg Blackfang who had been assumed to have wandered off on one of his bloodhunts had actually wandered into an area that was touched with the Shadowfell. After a day and a half of creeping around in the fog, fighting scores of zombie, Jhereg emerged before the gates of Dustwallow and scaled the walls in search of his friends. It took only a few moments to discover his allies before the gates of the Manor.

After breaching the gates of the Dustwallow Manor, the group seized the initiative and took the fight to the Lich Kadvar and Count Von Faustkrell. Despite the aided of the ghost of a fallen Purple Dragon Knight the fight proved difficult due to some of Kadvar’s dark fey powers and Faustkrell’s agility. United, the adventurers proved to be mightier than the undead and together they slew the twin terrors.

Upon the corpse of the fallen Lich, a scrying stone illuminated the figured of a powerful new enemy, Ssaz Tam. The dark necromancer asked the group to return the shield of Crown Prince Irvel and abandon their attempts to find him. He added simply that despite their efforts, he will complete the Rites of Ascension, even without the Scepter of Fallen Stars.

After retrieving their reward from the Town Mayor Kilren Sharnski and taking a much needed rest the players set off for the nearby Feywild portal. The journey took only a manner of hours and the party arrived before the portal, spoke the password (Passage in Elvish) and passed into the twilight beauty of the Feywild.

When the party assembled in the Feywild, Levenbrech’s book began to make odd noises and emanate a glow of purple starlight. Opening his tome, the image of Scribe Marteen of Kythera appeared before him. The scribe informed him that Kythera had begun its full planar overlay in the Sea of Fallen Stars and encountered a problem, the Abberant Tower Xxiphu.Levenbrech pledged the groups aid as soon as the group has completed their quest to find the prince and assist him in his search for the Amber Chalice.

The session concluded with the party passing the massive rope bridge into the Court of Fallen Stars where they hope to find the location of the lost prince.



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