Forgotten Realms - Rites of Ascension

Into the Feywild... Again!

Finding the Prince might not be quite so easy...

The party continued their adventures before the gates of the Court of Fallen Stars. A humble gargoyle by the name of Quellon greeted the players and invited them into the city (most of them for the second time).

Despite the beautiful surroundings and the facade of good nature all was not as it seemed. Two groups had arrived in the courts of Princess Synshyr, the wild elves of the Yuirwood and the Yuan-ti of a distant city in the Feywild. The two claim that one another had taken a new comer to the court, a “humanling” diplomat from Cormyr who seeks the Amber Chalice, Crown Prince Irvel.

The adventurers confronted both parties to try and find the truth as to what exactly happened to the crown prince. The Wild Elves believed the Yaun-ti captured and hid the Prince somewhere away from the court and the Yuan-ti claim that the Wild Elves are bigots who are merely pointing the finger to gain favor with the Princess.

Later, after confronting the traitor Timmus Thindledale and pressing him for information about the disappearance, Levenbrech decided to investigate the former Duskbrand Manor.

After a exploring the small estate, the party discovered three servants that were bound to the manor; The Will of the Manor Master Roddedendus Ofallenzar the XVII and .

Lucan, following his deep curiosity decided to sturdy a painting in the manor and was drawn to meet Master Roddedendus. In this smaller world, he perfected one of the masters secret maneuvers before returning to the party, after to him which felt as though an entire year had passed, but to his friends only a few moments had gone by.

The session culminated with the party joining the groups gathered in the Queens Court. Resolved to find Prince Irvel the party split up into several groups to chase the information. In the process Damiyanti decided to keep the Princess busy and allow her servant Lavathos to speak with her friends. Lavathos revealed that the Prince is being kept by the Princess as a political prisoner and has likely become the subject of her glamour magics, which could possibly change his appearance and made him forget his identity. This lead the party to question the two newest arrivals to the Yuan-ti group and the Wild Elf group.

However, during her conversation with the Princess, Damiyanti discovered that she had chosen the Amber Chalice from a nearby table. She knowingly drank from the cup. In the process she discovered that it is the will of the spirits of the Court of Fallen Stars who chooses the new Queen, who must find and drink from the Chalice to gain the powers of the fey.

An old friend, Administrator Lyrianne Paige arrived at the court and witnessed, Damiyanti’s ascension to queen of the Court of Fallen Stars. Outraged, Princess Synshyr challenged Damiyanti to a duel. Damiyanti, drawing upon her knowledge of spells removed the illusion on the two newcomers in the Yuan-ti and Wild elf groups, revealing in fact the Prince had been split into two separate beings through the magic of the Feywild!

The session concluded with a group of Fomorian’s walking through the front gate and attacking the party. One of the two copies of the Prince stepped beside Commander Durin Thrandheim while the other made a break for a nearby passage.



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