Captain Fillian Dunlan

The former Captain of Citadel Dantalien


Serving in the service of Aglarond since he was old enough to hold a sword, Fillian has a proud military history. However, the glory days of this proud Captain has come to pass, now entering his middle years. Fillian is a fair captain, but not so eager to trust as he has seen and lost many dear friends on the field of battle. One of the sole survivors of the loss of Aglarond at the hand of the Thay forces at Wizard’s Reach, he requested to be put in charge of the forces at Citadel Dantalien.

Eager to take the fight to [[Thay]], Fillian launched a series of very aggressive spying and raiding missions in and around the lost fortress, now called [[Undumor]]. Despite his efforts, the Citadel was overtaken by the forces of the lost fortress.

His fate and whereabouts are currently unknown.

Captain Fillian Dunlan

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