Spellscarred Infernal Warlock


Stats STR: 9 CON: 23 DEX: 14 INT: 20 WIS: 11 CHA: 11

Health and Defenses HP: 94, AC: 24, FORT: 26, REF: 26, WILL: 21

Feats Improved Dark One’s Blessing, Accursed coordination, Student of the Plague, Dual Implement Mastery, Death’s Blessing, White Lotus Riposte, Arcane Familiar, Flitting Shadows, Master White Lotus Riposte

Equipment Rod of the Infernal +3, Rod of Corruption +1, Githweave Displacer Armor +3, Warlocks Bracers, Boots of Furious Speed, Medallion of Death Deferred +3


Deathpaul was born in captivity while in Thay. After his birth, he was taken by the Vampire Lord Faustkrell who later killed Deathpaul’s parents. Growing up, Deathpaul was out of place in his adopted father’s society. So much so, that Faustkrell had to enthrall Deathpaul. In one period of weakened control Deathpaul was able to form a pact with the devil Asd’alk, to free himself from enthrallment. After several years, the enthrallment was finally released and Deathpaul was able escape. In his mad rush out of Thay Deathpaul had to call upon his pact to endure. Asd’lak repeatedly imparted his power in Deathpaul so he could elude the undead who pursued him. Just as he reached the borders of Thay, Deathpaul received a wound to his head. When he regained consciences, Deathpaul was lost in an area of the spellplague. He was dead, and all the accomplishments that he and his allies made were just a vague memory. Revived as a revenant by the god Kelemvor, the tables had turned, the devil who had controlled him was reduced to an imp familiar and now, for the first time in his existence, Deathpaul is able to live free.


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