Damayanti "Dami"

Angry, socialist wizard.


Controller Wizard ==> Hermetic Saboteur

AC: 23

Fort/Ref/Will: 16/22/21

HP: 70

Weapons/Implements/Magic Items: Orb of Imposition, Orb of Impenetrable Escape, Mnemonic Staff, Robes of Contingency, Power Jewel, Mask of Terror (her favorite), Wand of Eyebite, Cloak of Resistance, Golden Flower of Resurrection, Scroll of Secret Door

At-Will PWRS: Scorching Burst, Phantom Bolt

Encounter PWRS: Infernal Wrath (racial), Orbmaster’s Incendiary Detonation, Psychic Detonations, Fire Burst, Fire Shroud

Daily PWRS: Wall of Fire, Flaming Sphere, Fireball, Web, Mordenkainen’s Sword, Acid Arrow

Utility PWRS: Expeditious Retreat, Resistance, Sabotage Trap, Shield, Invisibility, Blur, Dispel Magic

Rituals Known: Brew Potion, Comprehend Languages, Cure Disease, Raise Dead, Speak with Dead, Disenchant/Enchant Magic Item, Gentle Repose, Leomund’s Secret Chest, Magic Mouth, Make Whole, Silence, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Sending, Eye of Alarm, Detect Secret Doors, Detect Object, Linked Portal, Animal Messenger

Feats: Skill Training: Bluff, Perception, Skill Focus: Arcana, Hellfire Blood, Improved Initiative, Distant Advantage, War Wizardry, Clever Controller

Languages: Common, Infernal, Draconic




Age: >18

Sex: Female

Hair/Eyes: Purple, impractically long/Black

Skin/Horns: Dark red/Black; long and curved (like a ram or buffalo)

Distinguishing Features: Other than almost disproportionately massive horns? A tail covered in gold-ringed spines, dark freckles, and a perpetual look of superiority


Spell: Fireball

Would-Be Real-World Book: By Any Means Necessary: Speeches, Interviews, and a Letter by Malcolm X. George Breitman, ed.

Food: Charbroiled meat

Music: War marches

Would-Be Real-World Movie: Amistad


Personal Quotes:

“I… I have the Amber Chalice in my bodice.”

“Mr. Rhigs! Mr. Rhigs!”

Best Moment: Headbutting a minion to death-no, no, fucking the queen of the Feywild-no, wait, BECOMING the queen of the Feywild!


Damayanti is the daughter of a pair of Tiefling aristocrats from Baldur’s Gate. Having had to scrabble their way up the social ladder because of the distrustful attitude towards Tieflings, Damayanti’s parents sought to make their daughter into a model citizen. Where they had had to struggle and fight and claw and pretend to smile when people told them how “nice” their home was with surprised looks on their faces, Damayanti’s parents planned for her to have an easy waltz through the grandiose gardens of their racist neighbors.

Unfortunately, “Dami,” as she now goes by, was not a “lady.” Dami wanted to, first, be a knight. When she was refused admittance to the fencing school in her area, she tried to burn the school down. Then she wanted to be a pirate. At her parents’ refusal, she lit a boat on fire after paying some dockworkers to transport it to the front lawn. Finally, Dami wanted, more than anything, to get some training at magic, specifically magic that involved lighting things on fire. Her parents hired her instructor after instructor, only to find that whoever Dami thought unworthy, she promptly set alight all of their things on the lawn.

Despairing over their child’s complete inability to live up to their expectations-and to not set things on fire-they hired a Dragonborn bodyguard to keep watch over her and reign in her distemper in “whatever way he [could] imagine that [wouldn’t] harm Dami… or the property, permanently.” The first time the “former pirate” Jhereg breathed fire in Dami’s 14-year-old face after a nasty trantrum, he became one of the first people Dami would actually listen to.

Dami quickly found a new thing to love besides fire the older she got: she began to see the way her parents were being treated by their supposed friends and neighbors [mostly human], and knew that kowtowing to “those people” was not the answer. Dami quickly became something of a progressive… socialist, informing everyone she could about the fate of the downtrodden, and the racist attitudes of those around her. She was such a shit-stirrer that the day she finally ran away from home, eager to spread the word somewhere away from the watchful, unsympathetic eyes of her parents, and took her Dragonborn bodyguard with her, her parents didn’t even send out a search party. They use their daughter’s disappearance as a way of boosting their status through the pity of their neighbors, and though they love their daughter, they know she’s safe as long as Jhereg is with her… and as long as she keeps setting people on fire who bother her.

Or disagree with her.

Dami’s most recent exploits include fucking the queen of the Feywild, and several months later, becoming its queen.

Damayanti "Dami"

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