Levenbrech, Hierophant of Machine

"Jhereg! Jhereg! We've got to get back to the Knight Boat so we can save the magic Netherlands from the flying squid tower!" -Levenbrech, over a scrying sphere


Warlock (Star Pact) – Student of Caiphon Male, 41, Unaligned

STR:9 CON:21 DEX:14 INT:11 WIS:11 CHA:21

AC:24 FOR:26 REF:26 WIL:27

At-Will Powers: Eldritch Blast, Dire Radiance, Eyebite Encounter Powers: Dreadful Word, Far Realm Phantasm, Trust in the Guide Star, Cursegrind Daily Powers: Dread Star, Ring of Pain, Far Realm Glimpse Utility Powers: Ethereal Stride, Dark One’s Own Luck, Shielding Shades, Steps on the Purple Stair

Feats: Improved Fate of the Void, Killing Curse, Bloodied Boon, Sacrifice to Caiphon, Implement Expertise, Starfire Womb, Dual Implement Spellcaster, Twofold Curse, Psychic Lock, Flitting Shadows


Levenbrech is a member of a secretive Order of scholars and engineers, who have dedicated themselves to the collection and preservation of knowledge. Over the course of several centuries, the Order has created a massive computing machine so powerful and complex that it has become a deity with its own sentience.

Levenbrech, like most in his Order, was chosen as a child from the small communities surrounding the Order’s complex and inducted as an Initiate at an early age, and from there he was taught the various fields of mathematics and magic equally. He quickly showed to be a rising star, and was selected for the School of Augery. There, he learned to interpret the strange torrent of information that Machine produced, interpreting and recording its indelible prophecies.

Upon reaching the age where most students became full members of their selected school, however, he was summoned by the Ruling Council of the Order. He had been personally chosen by Machine for some unknowable reason, and was to be sent out across the world on a Geas in Machine’s name. Given little other time to prepare, he was magically transported instantaneously to a lonely, fog-shrouded hillock in Aglarond, with only a vague visions of a band of travelers. His fate was inexorably bound to theirs from that moment onward.

After the battle for the fate of Veltalar, Levenbrech avoided the raucous celebrations and took to locking himself away, engrossed in his analogue tome and what the stars could tell him. One night, a shaft of frigid green light transfixed his window, and when his companions finally broke his door down, they found only his open shutters flapping in the chill wind. He had vanished, and was not seen again for two weeks on Toril.

In the meanwhile, he found himself in the presence of the ethereal presence of the Elders of his Order, in some terrifying pocket of the Far Realms. There, under the tutelage of the long-dead masters of his Order and the grim, unyielding stars, he learned the true nature of the universe. Over the course of many years, he has been forged into a terrifying bastion of Machine’s power. He has been digested over several years by planet-sized amoebas. He has been brought alive inside the core of a nameless star, wrapped in scrolls of arcane secrets. He has had every nerve and muscle twisted and every bone and organ removed and replaced, all while having the secrets of the universe whispered into his mind. His brain has been removed and broken down to each synapse, and submerged in frothing seas of pure chaos. Through this, he has learned true power.

Now, with his return to the land of Aglarond, his new quest is soon to be revealed…

Physical Description: Far from his previously more human visage, his limbs are now thin and elongated, his chest sunken against where most of his internal organs used to be. His skin has the texture of parchment, and his eyes now glow with an otherworldly aura. His robes move with a life of their own, and his movement through the air creates a slight distortion of light for a moment afterwards behind him. His robes are equally of jet black cloth and neon green silk, with two large crests flanking his head like twisted black horns.

Gossip: Levenbrech’s views on his various companions:
  • Durin: Despite a preponderance for fairness, he is a honorable ally and a keen businessman. He is loved by the people, and he is at least earnest to a fault. More than can be said of others, methinks.
  • Alornath: Ever since he has returned to his mortal form, he seems lost and without purpose. He means well, but he is approaching some sort of personal crisis that I am afraid may hurt him in the long run.
  • Jhereg: A perfect example of sociopathy taken to the level of an art form. Unpredictable and amoral, he is nevertheless refreshingly intelligent and clearheaded. Far be it for me to criticize another’s tastes, he is a valuable ally to this group.
  • Lucan: He is a relative unknown, the elf seems competent if a bit foreboding at times. His pet bear doesn’t help his image much, either.
  • Deathpaul: Quite a mysterious specimen, indeed. He claims to be undead, human, tied to the Thay, and a scion of demons all in one. His family matters have caused us no shortness of trouble, however, and his powers are not to be lightly ignored.
  • Dami: Foolish and pompous, she embodies the most negative elements of the loudly ignorant and hypocritical aristocracy. Even with our disagreements in the past, she seems to hold grudges as a hobby and has little love for anyone in this group, not even for her recently-independent henchman, the redoubtable Jhereg Blackfang.
  • Kyrie: Mostly harmless.

Levenbrech, Hierophant of Machine

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