A mysterious spectre who quite literally came with the Morning Glory.


Once a skilled man-at-arms Vurga “Cooky” Grotsmash, met an unfortunate fate in which his lust for battle vanished, near over night. When returning home from campaign he had seen a dancing flame move about his home, fearing for his wife and child’s lives he charged in at the intruder. After springing the front door open he pounced upon his trespasser and drove the head of his hammer into it’s chest. The candle fell from the intruders hand and it rolled to illuminate his face. It was Cooky’s son, he had grown much in the years that Cooky was at war. Cooky had smashed his son’s chest in, his ribs puncturing lungs. Cooky stared in disbelief, had his mind strayed so far from real life and into the horror filled battlemind? Cooky wondered, for a long while till he met with the “Captain”. Cooky worked as a cook, he vowed to himself and his wife that he would never kill in rage again, and that he would calculate ways around physical violence.

Cooky is a large man, even for a Half-Orc. He is covered in woad tattoos from his neck to his toes. His head is cleanly shaven except for his sideburns which stretch down to the middle of his chest, coarse black hair with traces of silver.

Although Cooky will share his story with others, he has yet to reveal how he met his end, and why he chooses to continue living on board the [[Morning Glory]].

(Thank you Scott for providing the backstory).


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