Count Von Faustkrell

Devoted servant of Ssaz Tam


Count Von Faustkrell has always been a dedicated servant to the will of the nation of Thay. In the days before Ssaz Tam seized power of the nation, he was the headmaster at one of the finest schools of wizardry in all of Fae’run. Yet, when the power struggle for Thay began, Faustkrell chose to turn against his former allies and serve the mighty new lord of Thay.

It is not known what his scheme is at this time, however Faustkrell has on many occasions confronted the band of adventurers in an attempt to foil their adventures. Most recently Faustkrell was confronted at the town of [[Dustwallow]], where he was slain. In his death, he leaves behind a legacy. His son [[Deathpaul]] is now the last of the [[Zulkir]] and the most powerful practicing [[Red Wizard]] left.

It is unknown what effect Faustkrell’s destruction has had upon Thay.

Count Von Faustkrell

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