Jhereg Blackfang

A ruthless former Nelanther pirate turned able and loyal bodyguard to a young Tiefling wizard.


Dragonborn Rogue

Rogue Tactics: Ruthless Ruffian

Paragon Path: Death Dealer

HP: 96 STR: 19 CON: 14 DEX:22 INT: 9 WIS: 11 CHA: 13

*AC: 30
*FORT: 23
*REF: 29
*WILL: 20

Feats: Backstabber, Berserker’s Fury, Slaying Action, Enlarged Dragon Breath, Sickening Finish, Adept Power (Ancient Berserkers’ Rage), Agile Opportunist, Dragon Breath Scoundrel, Brutal Bludgeon

Subtle ‘Maceitar’ +3,
Drow Mesh of Dark Deeds +3,
Cape of the Mountebank +2,
Giant Gloves,
Skull Mask (Heroic),
Sandals of Precise Stepping (Heroic),
Chameleon Ring

Encounter Powers: Dragon Breath (Racial), One-Two Punch (Rogue 1), Brutal Trick (Rogue 7), Cunning Cyclone (Rogue 13), Sizing Strike (Death Dealer 11)

Daily Powers: Ancient Berserkers’ Rage (Barbarian 5), Rogue’s Recovery (Rogue 9), Courage Breaker (Rogue 15)

Utility Powers: Sneak in the Attack (Rogue 2), Ugly Finish (Rogue 6), Daring Gamble (Rogue 10), Gruesome Kill (Death Dealer 12)


Exclusively raised and more than likely born in the lawless pirate town of Skaug, Jhereg was passed as a hopeful protégé from one vagabond to the next, each one seeing the unmistakable glimmer of potential in him. Before he learned to stick to the shadows and dress unobtrusively there was no missing him; just short of six and a half feet tall and over twenty-one stone in weight, with crimson skin nearly matching that of a true red dragon. During the final years of his maturation he earned his nickname by inexplicably growing unnaturally large eye teeth, the points extending beyond his lower jaw.

As one of the few Dragonborn disinterested in the tethers of honor and a fair fight, Jhereg quickly mastered the art of the quick and dirty duel. Using his considerable strength and surprising agility to his great advantage, as well as very unsubtle intimidation, he still shrugged off blow after blow, each scar accenting his toughened draconic skin. When he took to the sea on his first raid he impressed his fellow crewmates with his reckless fervor when boarding enemy ships, using his natural ability to breathe searing flame to devastating effect. Before the age of twenty he had risen to the rank of Boatswain aboard The Wandering Executioner, and began his steady climb from local fame to the stuff of childrens’ nightmares.

Not once did the bloodthirsty Dragonborn rest upon his laurels. The thrill of cheating death time and time again had woven itself into every fiber of his being, and soon no venture was too dangerous for Jhereg The Fang. However, the final mark of pride before his fall was agreeing to lead a lightning-quick midnight raid on an island tower inhabited by a powerful and mysterious spellcaster. The mage’s defense of his home was swift and unmerciful, leaving only Jhereg still clinging to life. But the mage, too, saw the potential in his brave but unprepared adversary, and could only guess at how useful he would one day be. Placing the once-great pirate cutthroat in a dreamless sleep induced by magic in what remained of his ship, the wizard left him with only an ensorcelled wind to guide the vesel to the mainland, and a powerful Geas to find his young and troubled niece.

The humbled Jhereg Blackfang came to his senses standing on an auction block, the newly appointed indentured servant, chaperone, and bodyguard to a headstrong young mageling named Damayanti. Her family in Baldur’s Gate had fought tooth and nail for a foothold in the lower nobility, hampered by society’s mistrust of the Tiefling race. They were only further hampered by Damayanti herself, who detested the ‘lesser races’ which shunned them so readily. The bright young magic user took to calling her new guardian ‘Mr. Riggs’ and rewarded his lack of real discipline by letting him fall into his old habits: Stealing, bullying, and fighting dirty.

By Damayanti’s sixteenth birthday the Geas spell placed on Jhereg had long since worn off, but the hard-hearted corsair and his charge had become inseparable. When Damayanti left home, scorning her mother and father who pandered to the rest of the courts of Baldur’s Gate, Jhereg followed. Their aimless progress across Faerûn can be tracked by a string of arsons, small robberies, quasi-legal odd-jobs, and an occasional vicious beating.

Heroic/Paragon Tier
In the North-Eastern reaches of Aglarond, his journey into Fortress Undumor changed Jhereg in a way that no previous experience had managed. The first realization came after seeing his young charge, Damayanti, unleash every ounce of wrath she had learned to carefully control via her own special brand of flame-wizardry. He would reflect on that hellish firestorm as the moment he knew she no longer needed him. The second came quite unexpectedly, and the Dragonborn only realized later that he had been the very last of their number to see the great Paladin, LeRoy Bladebright, alive. In an impulsive act that no one blamed him for, he risked his life to retrieve the fallen young half-elf’s shield, and carried it with him for many days before its true power and destined bearer became clear.

In Jhereg’s eyes the ‘defense’ of Veltalar was not as straightforward as the Simbarch Council could have hoped in their wildest dreams. Already they knew that a siege against the armies of Thay was impossible, but it would take the Dragonborn’s own brand of reckless aggression to, ironically, save many lives in the capitol city. Even after the defeat of the Lich in control of the advancing horde, Jhereg’s battle-lust was not slaked. While many of his friends celebrated routing the Thayan forces, he made for the Tannath Mountains and spent the following months picking off stragglers and scouts. He exulted in a newfound joy which came from hunting beings that felt no fear, even for him. The terrifying rumors of his exploits earned him the name Jhereg the Reaver within Thay’s borders, and he returned to Veltalar a different person when the time came.

‘Jhereg the Reaver’ was no diplomat, but he /was/ still an expert mariner, even if his travels had only briefly touched the Sea of Fallen Stars. It was only his status as a war hero that still earned him the title of diplomat as the group traveled West.

Jhereg Blackfang

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