The Dales

The Dalelands are a loose knit group of regions that claim independence from one another. However in times of great need, the Dalelands can be summoned to Sigil Summit where a threat can be assessed and (hopefully) confronted.

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Archendale is an autocracy, as well as the strongest military power in the Dales.


Throughout history, Battledale has been the scene of most of the grandest battles in the Dalelands.


For a long time, Daggerdale has been occupied by or at war with Zhentarim agents of Zhentil Keep. Its original name some centuries ago was Merrydale and it was famed for the hospitality of its inhabitants. After an outbreak of vampirism the dale lost its friendliness and eventually took the translation of the original dwarven name of the valley as its name.


Deepingdale is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.[8] It is named after the Deeping Princess, an elf-maiden who married a human and led many humans and half-elves to settle here, far from prejudices of gold elves.


As one of the smallest dales, Featherdale has never been involved in the big struggles of some of the other dales, as such it is a peaceful place.


The oldest of the current dales.[10] Formerly known as Velardale.

High Dale

The High Dale lies at a strategic pass over the Thunder Peaks.


With fertile lands and protected from dangers by surrounding dales, Mistledale is a pleasant place to live.


Named after a canyon known as the Scar, the legendary site of the battle between elven god Corellon Larethian and orc god Gruumsh.


Shadowdale is the most famous of the Dales, and is known as the home of the archmage Elminster. Through its history, Shadowdale has battled both drow and Zhentarim invasions. What Shadowdale lacks in numbers, it makes up by the strength of its inhabitants, including some retired adventurers.


Also known as the Lost Vale, Tarkhaldale is home of the saurials.


Tasseldale lies close to, and is heavily influenced by, Sembia.


The northernmost of all the dales, Teshendale lies near the Moonsea. It was invaded by orcs working for the Zhentarim in 1316 DR.

The Dales

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